2017 Annual Northwest Power Conference

When people think of Memorial Day weekend, they think about having a cookout or going away on vacation, but for churches across the Northwest United States, The Northwest Power Conference (NWPC) is what comes to mind. Every year multiple churches along with visitors from many other churches come together for the conference. The NWPC is a Spirit filled, multicultural, non-denominational coalition commissioned to carry out the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The  hosts churches included:


The conference was started by the late William Demps Sr. of Paradise of Praise in Seattle, Washington. His vision that still resonates today was to spread God’s love; ensuring all that is done is centered on the infallible Word of God; and to establish relationships based on the bonds of unity in Christ — throughout the Northwest region. This year was a very special year for the conference because it was the 7th year straight that the conference has been around. To Christians the number 7 is believed to be the number of completion, so this year signified the completion of the growing stages of the conference.

The theme was “Unity Matters” which goes hand in hand with the founder’s mission. The conference plans included services, classes, a concert, and lots of fellowship. Many people were traveling in on Friday, but those that made it in on time were able to attend the opening event which was a night service at 7:00pm where guest speaker Bishop Elect Anthony Pigee Sr. spoke. Saturday morning started with a morning glory service with guest speaker Supt. Jamaal Cole, and those were followed with 2 sessions of classes. Each registrant was able to choose 2 of the many classes that were offered by the conference. The classes included; “Why is Unconditional Love So Hard?”, “Forgiveness”, and “How to Maximize Your Spiritual Gifts” just to name a few. The conference session speakers were all guests of the conference:

  • Lady Ujima DOnalson
  • Pastor Paul Fuller Jr.
  • Lady Evelina Williams
  • Pastor C. Ivan Johnson
  • Earl Williams

Many traveled in from out of town, so all participants were then allowed to go out and enjoy the beautiful city of Seattle. Everyone returned that night at 7:00 for another night service where Pastor Joseph Mannaway bought a powerful word. The next day All local churches in the conference held their perspective services, and participants attended the service of their choice. Everyone convened at the host church at 5:00 pm for a fun gospel concert. There were many performances that night such as:

  • Bria Mannaway of Tabernacle MBC
  • Derrick McDuffey and Kingdom Sound of Portland, OR
  • Cedric Shannon Rives and the Brothers, St. Louis, MO

Food and fellowship followed the concert, and then everyone said their goodbyes before heading back home. It was weekend full of fellowship, and God showed up in a mighty way. You can find clips from the weekend on our Facebook page . We hope to see you next year at the NWPC that will be hosted at ACWC in Boise!

Agape Media Team

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