Wonder and Awe

If you truly think about all the things women bare as mothers, wives, sisters, grandmothers, friends, and all the other roles we play all at the same time, you can’t help but to admit that women have unbelievable strength. As women, we  often feel as though we have to be the strongest woman in the room. As a result, we sometimes subconsciously compete with one another instead of working together.

Pastor Laura McCullough, of Church for Now, has a passion for uplifting the women, so it was a no brainer or her to put together a ladies brunch for the women in her community. To her, it is important that churches come together for one purpose, so instead of hosting a ladies brunch for just the women from her church, she opened up the event to all churches. She sent out a special invite to women from multiple churches across the valley as well as to the general community.

The event was hosted here at Agape on December 16th, and both churches worked together to create a winter wonderland event called “Wonder and Awe”. The menu consisted of a cheesy egg casserole, a variety of finger sandwiches, fruit, and lots of yummy desserts. Pastor Laura even took the women back to their youth by providing homemade cookies and milk.


During the brunch, there were various speakers who all had a unique message to share. There was also lots of singing, and there was one lucky man in the room playing the guitar. You can’t bring a bunch of beautiful women in the same room and not have a photoshoot, so a custom backdrop was created for photos, and each woman got to take home a keepsake to help them remember this special day!

This was the 1st annual ladies brunch, and we hope to see you next year!


-Agape Media Team

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