Seasoned Saints Sunday

We never want to forget those that helped prepare a path before us. Our seniors are important to us because while we were blind to all the things going on around us, they were working, fighting, and praying for us. Many people tend to put seniors to the side, but in reality, we should lean on them for understanding. We should reach out to them for advice because they have been in the place we are currently in, and they have already passed many of the tests that we are not even aware are coming our way.

On Sunday, June 11th, 2017, we celebrated “Seasoned Saints Sunday”. A saint is considered “seasoned” once they reach age 55. Some may call people at this age seniors, but at Agape, we like to call them seasoned because we believe that they are seasoned with life’s experiences and because they are always sprinkling the lessons they learned into our life. During the service praise and worship was full of throwback gospel songs, and our seasoned saints had the chance to showcase their gifts to the congregation. First up was Deaconess Stephanie who shared a scripture, testimony, and short message about being strong while you are going through.

Then, Sister Jackie gave a testimony. It wouldn’t be Sister Jackie if she didn’t entertain us by making everyone stand on their feet, and praise God with excitement through dance. So everyone joined in and danced with her to Erica Campbell’s “I Need Just a Little More Jesus”.

Deacon Hank followed her with a poem about life called “Don’t Quit”. By reading this poem, he hoped to motivate everyone to keep fighting no matter what. He wanted everyone to know that as a seasoned saint, he understood what we were going through.

Elder Judy Tripp, or Ma Judy as we call her, closed up Seasoned Saints Sunday by bringing the word. She read from Psalms 119:8, Psalms 107:8, and Mark 10:17-22 and her message title was “Don’t Take God’s Goodness for Granted”. Our seasoned saints did a wonderful job today, and we thank them for all they have done for us!

-Agape Media Team

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