Just Keep Swimming

Some of the kidz practiced their swimming skills,

some wanted to play pool games,

while others just wanted to relax on pool tubes and floaties.

It may seem like a leisure sport, but swimming and playing can really wear you out! Our Kingdom Kidz facilitators knew that, so they were prepared with protein to help rebuild their muscles and a little sugar for a boost of energy to get them through the rest of the day. Hot dogs and ice cream were served, and the kidz didn’t leave any for the stragglers.

The highlight of the day was without a doubt the moment when all was calm, and then all of a sudden…. loud screams yelling, “GET OUT OF THE POOL”. First thoughts were obviously SHARK until you realized that it’s a pool, not the beach. Low and behold, it was a mouse. The poor little one couldn’t get out and he was probably terrified from all the screams, but he was probably singing to himself, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. All was not lost, moms always come to the rescue! The mouse was out in no time, and the fun continued. Check out this video clip of this heroic mom saving the day.

Video Clip

Thank you to all those who helped plan this event, the parents who allowed their children to come out, and the children for coming out and having fun!

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-Agape Media Team

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