Designed, Defined, & Destined

The 2017 Women’s Conference met our expectations once again this year, and it was another blessed year on the mountain top. Ladies of all ages both young and old were allowed to come and partake in the festivities that took place in Hailey, Idaho on August 25th & 26th. The Women’s conference started in 2000 by our very own, First Lady Tanisha Townsend, so that the women of Agape could come together as one to be strengthened in God. It started the same year that the Christian Women’s Connection started. Now, women from many different churches come together to be healed, delivered, and set free.

Every year the conference has a different theme, and guest speakers are brought in to minister. This year’s theme was “Designed, Defined, & Destined”.

Guest Speakers included Pastor Laura McCullough of Church for Now in Boise and Lady Ujima Donalson of Kingdom Family Worship Center in Seattle, Washington. Pastor William Demps of Paradise of Praise in Seattle, Washington was our guest artist for the weekend.

At the conference, there were dance performances, and many women left with too many giveaways to carry.

Sommer McCullough of Church for Now was the youth track leader. The youth were able to escape their mothers for the weekend and be ministered to in a way that they could understand. Sommer took the young ladies to their own personal house in the mountain. The 2 story house had a big backyard and lots of ways to have fun in the basement. The girls had many different planned activities over the weekend such as bonding activities, prayer, and games.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next year. Join us! We’ll see you at the mountain top!

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