Washed Clean

Baptisms are seen all over the world in Christian and Catholic churches. It is a common practice that is seen as outdated to some, but also very important to others.  But what is the significance … Read More

From Beggar to Builder

Pastor Kobe Abraham from Jesus Is the Way Ministries visited Agape recently and spoke a great word from God! He read from the book of II Kings, and he read chapter 20: 1-6. He told … Read More

The Year of Unlimited Praise

It’s not just a cliche to say that time flies when you’re having fun. There were so many things going on at Agape in 2017, that the year flew by. Our very last Sunday of … Read More

Celebrating the Right Way

There are many ways to spend the holidays. Some people enjoy going on vacation, relaxing, having holiday parties, or just spending time with family and friends. It’s safe to say that everyone enjoys the time … Read More

Wonder and Awe

If you truly think about all the things women bare as mothers, wives, sisters, grandmothers, friends, and all the other roles we play all at the same time, you can’t help but to admit that … Read More

A Warm Winter

Winters can get very cold in Idaho, and unfortunately there are many people in our community who go all winter long without the proper attire. Whether homeless or just needing a little help, everyone deserves … Read More

Designed, Defined, & Destined

The 2017 Women’s Conference met our expectations once again this year, and it was another blessed year on the mountain top. Ladies of all ages both young and old were allowed to come and partake … Read More

Just Keep Swimming

Some of the kidz practiced their swimming skills, some wanted to play pool games, while others just wanted to relax on pool tubes and floaties. It may seem like a leisure sport, but swimming and playing can … Read More

Babies are a Gift from God

We recently celebrated the lives of our youngest members. Not 1, but 2 brand new babies were dedicated in June! Baby dedications are ceremonies that symbolize the pledge from the parent’s to God to always … Read More

Seasoned Saints Sunday

We never want to forget those that helped prepare a path before us. Our seniors are important to us because while we were blind to all the things going on around us, they were working, … Read More